Financial Fast: Day 1



DIVA DOLLARS IS IN THE BUILDING!!!!!!! I am nervous and excited about doing this fast. I want and need to do better financially. It really shouldn’t be this way (I have a finance degree for crying out loud!) I mad silly mistakes (as most twenty-somethings do!) and incurred unnecessary debt. This year, I will become a better steward of my coins. I am approaching my thirties and being financially unstable is not cute. So I will begin my journey on this financial fast. It will not be easy. Anything worth having is not easy to obtain. 

  • What I learned from today’s chapter: God wants us to be prosperous and make wise decisions about money. In order for us to prosper, we submit to God’s will. 
  • What was hard about the fast today: Nothing..Really. Except I spent about $5 in extra moves on Candy Crush… I think I may have a problem 😦
  • I am going to apply what I learned in the following: “P.A.Y. Regime” Pray, Act, and Yield

Where have I been?

Hello World!

It has been a year since I posted. I know… I know… Terrible of me…. I can honestly say that school and life got in my way. It’s a new year. I am turning over a new leaf. This year will have more consistent posting and some videos. I might also have some products that you can utilize on your financial journey to debt-freeness as well.  NO MORE EXCUSES AND NO MORE LAZINESS! 


STAY TUNED!!!! 2014 will be the year of AWESOMENESS!!!


-Miss Diva Dollars