You can’t be Bad and Boujee with Bad Credit: Journey to the 850 Club

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It is almost the end of the first quarter of the year! Time flies when you are having fun (or just living life)! LOL! By now, you should have pulled your credit report. You are entitled to receive all three credit reports (Experian, Transunion, and Equifax) once a year for free. I pulled my credit report and need some improvement on my score. I desire to be in the 850 Club. I am not too far off so I can totally do it.

**If you have not pulled your credit; go to Annual Credit Report **

To improve my score; I took out a small loan with Self-Lender.  A credit builder loan is a small loan that you make monthly payments on while that money is being saved in a interest-bearing account. I am increasing my credit score by making on-time payments. Those on-time payments are being recorded to all credit bureaus. Why a Credit-Builder Loan?! Glad you asked! I did not want to commit to a credit card forever but I wanted to increase my credit score. Credit-Builder Loans are for a fixed term such as 1-3 years depending on what the banks and credit unions allow.

Why Self-Lender?!!? Because they had a Facebook ad! LOL! I know.. I know… Such a millennial response! LOL! Once I did my extensive research; I realized that they are a legitimate financial institution (Doing Business As… Lead Bank) that gives you the loan. I also read the reviews and all were very positive.  It is a paperless application and has an app to monitor my progress. (Less Paper=Better). Since I acquired this loan 5 months ago, my credit score has increased 70 points!! Once I am done with this loan; I will have these funds in a CD account with the option to withdraw the money or maintain the Certificate of Deposit. I am increasing my credit score and saving money at the same time. Sounds like a Plan to me!

Build Credit Nugget

Now flashback to 2010…. When I graduated from college; I needed to establish my credit profile. I acquired a Capital One Secured Credit Card. I made a deposit of $50 and received a credit line of $300. I made on time payments and my credit line was increased to $800. Awesome!  I am still a Capital One customer to this day. I highly recommend Capital One Secured Credit Card for the following reasons:

  1. Great Customer Service
  2. Works with People with Limited or Bad Credit
  3. Amazing Credit Booster

Lesson of the Day

If you have pulled your credit report and your credit score is not the best and needs improvement of if you have no credit; a credit builder loan and secured credit card are the best way to start. Below is the link to Self-Lender and Capital One.


Capital One


Happy Saving and Credit Building!


Miss Diva Dollars

Question for my Divas and Divos

What did you do to establish your credit or improve credit if you hit a slump with your credit score?



** Please note that this is not a sponsored post by these companies. I am sharing my financial story. Please note that you are not guaranteed approval from either company. I am not a financial advisor and they are risks with any financial instrument. If you have any questions; you need to contact a certified financial advisor.**

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