21 Day Financial Fast!!

21 Day Financial Fast!!

Join me on a 21 day Financial Fast! My sister recommended this book to me a year ago. I put on my bucket reading list. I have now picked it up and will began my journey. The author, Michelle Singletary is a national personal finance columnist for The Washington Post and has a company called Prosperity Partners. She’s a person that I need to connect with. God-willing, I will meet her soon. I am excited about my journey to financial freedom. This book comes from a biblical perspective which I am also excited about. I will blog each day about journey. I hope you will join me. You can order it on Amazon. She has re-released the book. This is a picture of the first version. You can also check the author’s spread in this month’s issue in Essence Magazine! Let’s go DIVAS! Let’s grow our money!


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