Diversify Your Coins: EARN Edition

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Every Monday I post a new financial tip. My financial mantra is EARN, SAVE, INVEST, REPEAT. That is how your money should do for you.

I am going to break down each one every Monday (Check in next week!)

Everyone has to earn money  in order to live and eat. That is the way of the world. As a Millennial, our financial situation is slightly different than the generations before us.

money woes 2

If you are a millennial reading this; I know that you feel this meme.

Sooooo what’s  a person to add some coins to their pocket….


Side Hustle help you make money on your time to help ease your financial burden so you can buy the guacolmole with your burrito bowl at Chipotle because we know that it costs extra…


So there is alot of companies that are apart of the gig economy that you can work for that will help you earn extra cash. Below is a sample list of them:

Uber– You already know…

Lyft-You already know…

Amazon Flex– Deliver Amazon Packages

SpotHero-You can rent out your parking spot.

Instacart-Does the grocery shopping for you

Postmates– Brings food to you

Uber Eats- See above.

Saucey-Bring Alcholol to your door (Must be 21 and older to indulge)

Task Rabbit-Errand Service

AirBnB-Turn your guest room into a money making machine.

All of these companies have different requirements but they are not strenous for the average person. I hope this helps on your journey to earning, saving, and and investing more. If you have worked any of these companies or created your own side hustle; post a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts…

second job

Happy Saving,

Miss Diva Dollars