Invest in Women: Press Party at Studio G Chicago

Hey There!

Taking a break from my Monday’s financial tips and let you know about a cool new spot in Chicago. I stopped by Studio G Chicago for their Grand Opening on Friday. It was nothing short of AMAZING!!  Studio G Chicago is a co-working space for women to get their ish together and BOSS UP!  There is ample amount of space to work and collaborate with other Girl Bosses. It also has a room for people to create YouTube videos and Podcasts! Raise your hand if you have to rearrange your room and lights to make sure your Instagram and YouTube videos come out just right?! I know that I’m not the only one.


The party also featured a powerful panel of women representing finance, real estate, and media who shared their experiences on their Girl Boss journey.


It’s a cool work nook that has girl power written ALL OVER IT! If you live in the Chicago area; I would strongly recommend you stop by there this week and to get some work done. There is an opportunity to become a member of Studio G Chicago through monthly membership and drop-in rates.


Studio G is offering a special drop-in rate of $15.00 this week for prospective members. Check  out the website at Studio G Chicago.

You can also check them out on Instagram !!

2018 is the Year of the Woman. Let’s Boss Up and Support this “No Boys Allowed” Workspace!


Happy Saving,

Miss Diva Dollars


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