Diversify Your Coins: SAVE Edition with US Savings Bonds

You can save your coins by purchasing a US Savings Bond.

bonds 2

I’m sure you remember your grandparents buying you one for Christmas when you were small….

No…. That’s okay… We will dive right into it.

What’s a Savings Bond?

A savings bond is a bond that is offered to individuals and institutions for a certain interest rate for a certain period of time. Basically, the US government is raising funds to fund capital projects and maintain the economy.

Sounds legit right?! Because it is. It’s one of the safest investments for your money. *

What’s so special about Savings Bonds?

Non-Marketable– Meaning you pay for what you buy. If you purchase a bond for $100; you will get that and interest back on your bond if you hold until it’s maturity date.

Interest Payment- This means that you will gain return on your investment. Interest on bonds compounds semi-annually  and accrue every year as long as you have it.

No Taxes-Saving bonds are not subject to state and local taxes so that will help if you may or may not have a tax bill once you file your taxes for the year.

What types of Savings Bonds are available?

Series EE and Series I bond are slighty different.

Series EE Bond are sold at face value and can be redeemed at face value if you were to cash it in. It also offers a fixed rate of interest.

Series I Bond is sold at face value. The rate of interest adjusts according to inflation. If inflation increases, the rate of interest will adjust upward.

How can I purchase a Savings Bond?

Check out Treasury Direct.** You can create an account and purchase today. All you need is your social security number, checking or savings account, and email address.

Soooooooo… Another way to Diversify Your Coins is Saving Money which can be by purchasing a Savings Bonds. It is a financial interest that is backed by the federal government and carries very little risk.

Question of the Day: Did your grandparents or parents gift you a savings bond when you were little? If so, did you hold on to it.

Keep Stacking. Keep Saving,


Miss Diva Dollars



* I am not a licensed an investment professional. This is my blog to offer great personal finance tips and share my journey to financial stability. My words are not gospel. There is a level of risk with anything you put your coins into. Make sure you do your research! 
**Treasury Direct is an official government website where you can purchase US savings bonds. This is not a paid advertisement. 

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