First Quarter Highlights

Hey Divas and Divos! Can you believe that we are done with 1st Quarter of 2016?! WOW! It flew by  me. Well here are some of my financial highlights for the first quarter:

  1. Pulled my credit report.

    My credit score is not great and there a few questionable things on my credit report that are not from me (I will delve into that on my next blog post!) I will be working on that throughout the year.

  2. Started a savings account at my father’s credit union. 

    My checking and savings account are at different financial institutions. It is important to diversify your bank accounts. Since the credit union has limited days and office hours; I will not be as tempted to withdraw money from it. I started the account with just $25. Most banks have a minimum balance of $100-300 but I was able to start saving with less. Another reason why I love and support credit unions!

  3. Started two piggy banks for my extra change.

    It may seem small to you but a little change can go a long way. I have a piggy bank at work and home in order to  save my change. My piggy bank at home is for the change that I empty out of my purse every week. My piggy bank at work is for my change when I have a Snickers craving and I have to break a dollar at the vending machine.


I snagged the cutest piggy bank for my room at Family Dollar! 

Stay tuned for my quarterly highlights on my journey to being a DEBT-FREE DIVA!

Do you have any financial highlights that you would like to share that happened first quarter of the year? Have you started a savings account, pay off a debt, or bought a house? Do tell DIVAs AND DIVOs !

Keep Saving!

Miss Diva Dollars


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