Invest Like a DIVA: Real People can Invest in Startups too!

Technology is a big part of everyone’s life. We all use an app for something right?! It has always fascinated me how people come up with the idea of these apps. While scrolling on Instagram, I came across this meme about startups.



All of these startups began with little to no funding. Most startups go through what is called raising venture capital. You have seen the articles about different startups raising $5 million dollars in a series of rounds. If you were thinking like this DIVA; I was wondering how can I invest in a startup?!



Then I got bummed out when I saw individuals investing $1, $5, or even $10 million dollars at one time. I am not a millionaire YET! (#speakitintoexistence) So what does a person do who wants to invest but is not a CEO or billionaire? Don’t fret! Everyday people can now invest in startups.  YAYYYYY!

These websites are dedicated to giving people the opportunity to invest in startups:

Blue Fund Rewards

Seed Invest

Start Engine

The amounts range from $25-$1000 on the minimum amount to invest in different startups.


There is a level of risk associated with any investment vehicle.   There is a possibility that you could triple your money. There is a possibility that you could lose your money. All in all, there is a risk.

I recently attended an event put on by Blue1647 where entrepreneurs were pitching their ideas to young professionals in order to raise capital.  Blue1647 is a tech incubator with multiple locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis.


I recently invested in Startups called “GOFFERS” through Blue1647’s Fund Rewards website (see link above). GOFFERS is a startup that helps connect people with others who help them with running errands and other tasks that we forget to do daily. It mostly services the south suburbs of Chicago. It is quickly expanding to the city. My reason for investing was the founder, Cecil Wilson. I got chance to speak with him at the Pitch event. He is only 20 years old and spoke with such conviction. My only answer was to invest in him. I also like the fact that the app services the south suburbs. Since I grew up in that area; I always like to businesses thrive in the south suburbs.   Check them out at GOFFERS  You can invest in this startup with just $25.00?!? YEP, you read that right!! That is all you need to invest in this startup. Think about the people that invested in Facebook or Instagram at inception?!?!  They are probably laughing all the way to the bank right now.


So now it’s your turn! Turn that quarterly bonus check or tax refund into investment dollars. Check out the websites above and let me know if you invest in any of those startups.

Happy Investing,

Miss Diva Dollars


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